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Writer Friends Meet Once A Year At the Mark Hopkins Hotel For The SFWC

Neva, Sheila and me







The San Francisco Writers Conference at the Mark Hopkins Hotel brings writers back together annually. With all the excitement of meeting editors and agents and learning from presenters, the bonus is to reconnect with dear friends.

Neva Hodges and Sheila Bali pictured here with me were in my writing class. Neva moved and Sheila is determined to finish editing her novel about escaping from the Hungarian Revolution. Several contacts she made at the conference are interested in representing her. Neva told us her novel is past the Beta reader stage and will be published in a few months.




Judy Lussie and Sheila

In this photo Sheila is with Judy Lussie who is in my writing class  where they met several years ago and rarely see each other now. Judy’s novel about friends on a ski trip is in the editing stages. Judy was a big help to me as my SFWC Registration assistant this year.








Margie and MeI’m here with Margie Yee Webb, President of the California Writers Club, Sacramento Branch and author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings.

We met at the conference years ago. Margies Cat Mulan

If you are interested in her book, click here. Great photos especially for cat lovers.





Peter and ArleenHere is Peter Dudley and Arleen Eagling who were in the same critique group as I was way back twelve years ago. They rarely see each other. Arleen is editing her novel about three women who take a road trip.

Peter has published several books. His New Eden Trilogy  you can peruse if you click here. It takes place three hundred years after nuclear war destroyed most of the Earth.

Peter's trilogy







Rebecca and meRebecca (Lenore) Harris was in a critique group that met at my house several years ago but now we only see each other at the conference. She is editing her historical novel. We met when she volunteered to assist me in registration about eight years ago.




I wish I had taken more photos of the many friends with whom I reunited this year. I will in 2017 when we meet again.




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Author of soon-to-be-released Hada’s Fog








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