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A Story Prompt For Fiction Writers

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Today in the writing class I teach, I had planned to give the members a writing prompt, but instead, we analyzed a short story in The Writers Digest Writing Competition Collection. 

Here is the prompt in case anybody would like to give it a whirl.



Rachael, normally a deep sleeper, woke to the sound of someone singing. The alarm clock showed 2 a.m. She got up to look out the window. The heavy downpour of rain made it hard to see clearly, but the street was empty and no lights were on in the neighborhood. She crawled back in bed thinking she had been dreaming.  The drops beating on the window kept her awake.  Then she heard it again. The singer sounded close enough to be in the house.

Rachael grabbed her robe and put her cell phone into the pocket in case she needed to call the police. She tip-toed into the living room, stopped, and listened. A male voice sang a slow tune she didn’t recognize. She checked the kitchen. The singing was louder. The linoleum flooring didn’t muffle the sound as well as the carpeted living room. He was in the basement.


There you have it. Who is he?  How did he get there? What is he doing? What is the promise of the story?

If the prompt inspires you, let me know if you wrote a story. Or if you just want to guess the answers to the questions, put them in the comments. It would be fun to read a variety.




Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of soon-to-be-released Hada’s Fog


  1. How fun. I’ll see what I can do!! Thanks.

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