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Trent Harmon Won American Idol’s Series Finale

Am Idol stageI rarely watch American Idol. I prefer The Voice. However, last night was the finale of the 15-year run and I enjoyed watching the end of the series.

The two last contestants, Trent Harmon 24, from Mississippi, and La Porsha Renae 22, also from Mississippi, became good friends during this last season.



Trent Harmon won, which makes his name listed in historical TV facts. Motown signed runner-up La Porsha Renae giving her a successful ending too.

Am Idol Trent and La Porcia

Ryan Seacrest, La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon (photo: Fox)


Jennifer Lopez performed at American Idol Finale

Am Idol Trent and La Porcia 2

Last two contestants: Trent Harmon and La Porsha Renae










To watch the two contestants singing “It Takes Two” click here.







To see and hear Trent Harmon in the “Crowning Moment” click here.


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