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Do you use a few minutes on Sundays to reflect on the preceding week and prepare for the six days ahead?  When I do, magical events happen. I don’t plan step-by-step procedures or specific outcomes. I envision happy feelings and a-hah  surprises.

For instance, I’m behind in studying a speaking program with multiple videos and exercises that should be done in two weeks. Right now, I glance at next week Sunday on the calendar and  see myself finished with the tutorials and delighted with my end product. With closed eyes, I feel the big smile on my face, high energy flowing through me, excitement to share with friends, and a wave of confidence urging me forward. I trust the product to be far better than if I had imagined it precisely. Then I fill myself with gratitude.

The rest of today will be studying, with a break at Starbucks where my husband reads the Sunday paper and I read the novel that is due for discussion at our reading group’s meeting a week from tomorrow. Then we go to the Farmers Market in town and back home to study some more. At 7:00 p.m I’ll tune in to KGO radio where my writer friend, Eloise Hamman, will be interviewed about her late son’s book and her own upcoming novel.

I’d love to hear about your day in the comment area.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

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  1. ladywinfred says:

    My Sunday was crazed but I relaxed and grinned reading about yours. I need to learn to practice that positive imagining magic of yours. It’d definitely improve my health and my sleep. Thanks, Mamacita.

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