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The calendar said it was June, but it felt like November during National Novel Writing Month. A 50,000 word novel in 30 days is intense. I’ve done it for about five years and I’m still editing those books. Hada’s Fog which I am blogging here came from NaNoWriMo (see menu above).

Donna KozikDonna Kozik’s Write an eBook in a Weekend involved the same kind of  time pressure. I felt greater tension since the eBook is non-fiction. The 50,000 words of fiction for  NaNoWriMo was reachable for me.  I succeeded each year.

However, during Kozik’s challenge, I wrote a mere 711 words on Saturday. On Sunday, I achieved a total of 989 for the two days. I’m still working on it. I didn’t have writer’s block. The research I needed to do for the non-fiction topic slowed me down.

Kozik guides participants, encourages us to keep going, and she’s available via several group calls that are scheduled during and after the big weekend. Tomorrow I have a one-on-one coaching call with her which is part of the program. I have wanted to write an eBook for a couple of years. Although the writing takes more time than fiction, I’m inspired to finish it.

I highly recommend writing an eBook in a weekend with Kozik. Click here for more information.

Thanks to my blog followers who asked if I was okay since I wasn’t posting every day. I’m flattered that my posts were missed. I completed a year of daily postings which was my goal in 2015. This year I won’t have the same blog goal. I will be posting a few times a week so I can focus on my writing projects. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Mazel tov – nine hundred plus words is still an achievement. No more first page jitters!

  2. ladywinfred says:

    And 10K in a weekend is INSANE — if you have a life!!!! Even of you don’t, it’s still insane. Well done!

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