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Ride Las Vegas High Roller At The LINQ

Las Vegas High Roller at nightMy husband is a roller coaster fan and I am not. I don’t go on any carnival-type rides, but he convinced me to ride the High Roller at the LINQ in Las Vegas. The High Roller is the highest observation wheel in the world, over 550 feet. I agreed to go on it because it moves slowly, from a distance it doesn’t look like it’s moving at all. It takes a half hour to make one full circle.

The views are fabulous, day or night.  Click here for a video.


Las Vegas High Roller close up of bucket insideThis photo is the inside of a pod taken from the outside. For a few dollars more a bar pod with drinks is available.





Las Vegas High Roller insideThe inside space in each of the 28 air-conditioned pods  is large.





Las_Vegas HR with pink pod top2016 (13)View from the High Roller and the top of the pink pod below ours.








Las_Vegas HR good two strobes 2016 (15)Another view from the High Roller on our way up.








Las_Vegas from HR colors 2016 (16)

View from the High Roller close to the top.








Back on the ground, we chose to walk the five miles on the strip back to our hotel.


LasVegas my back at computer & living room2016 (31)I thought I’d study and write each day while Mitchell attended the conference. Here I accomplished about an hour before I couldn’t resist another walk.

Computer work in our hotel compared to exploring outside, what would you choose?





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  1. Wow! Very cool. And beautiful photos. I too am roller coaster averse, but this one I would definitely go on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. P.S. Love the title too.

  3. ladywinfred says:

    Ferris wheels have come a long way, baby. Gorgeous view, though I’m afraid I’d still be a little giddy up there. Glad you let Mitchell talk you into this adventure so you could share it with us!

  4. I used to love roller coaster and other rides, but I blame a ride for kidney stone wiggling out of its perch. I vowed “no more for me.”

    • The High Roller is very calm, no twisting and sharp turns, etc. It’s actually relaxing if you don’t think about how high you are.

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