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3 Steps to Becoming A Financially Independent Woman

yulin-lee-casualMy friend, Yulin Lee, helps women become financially independent. Learn more by clicking below. Only two days left to receive her free training.

The thought of money can conjure up so many different emotions for different people. It’s often a mixture of love, hate, fear, and intimidation.

For women in particular, there tends to be an extra layer of “that’s not my thing”, yet, they are confronted with money related challenges in the reality of their daily lives.


This ambivalent relationship to money hits home even more when a divorce or the loss of a husband occurs.

How to pick up the pieces from the aftermath of losing a spouse is one of the most difficult questions women have to answer for themselves.

Where do I start to sort out my finances?

How will I manage my finances effectively… or can I?

I don’t know what I don’t know… will I screw up?

If you know a woman who is facing financial challenges alone, then don’t miss this free webinar offered by my collegue, Yulin Lee, a personal finance coach:

3 Steps to Becoming A Financially Independent Woman

This free online training is specifically designed to help women start a new chapter in life…

  1. Unfreeze from fear & paralysis to move forward by finding a new money identity
  2. Discover the essential financial figures to become self-empowered to create a better future
  3. Design a new financial life based on true life values, without the burden of fear

Yulin has helped lots of women just like you take control of their finances and get empowered to create a future they love.

Ignoring your money problems isn’t going to make them go away so register for this webinar right away and get the support you need and deserve. Only two days left, September 28th and 29th.

Yulin Lee

Personal Finance Coach

Project-M: Mind & Money

Tel: 650-799-8768



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