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Jeanna Gabelini Chats With Callan Rush





I’ve known Jeanna Gabelini for many years when she lived in the same town I do now.  The first time we  met, she entered our office on a cold, blustery winter evening, bundled up in coat, scarf and knitted hat.  With a terrific smile, she introduced herself. We became friends, taking walks (I half walked and ran to keep up with her), had long talks in her living room with friends of hers,  and over the years, I’ve watched her grow her business.

Today she talked online with Callan Rush about Magnetize Your Audience Coaching Program. I’ve watched several videos the last few days featuring the program Rush and Justin Livingston have created.  Each time I learned new useful information.


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I’m in their Maximize Your Impact – Optimized Webinar Sequence and I’m happy that I can take my time with it. Webinars look easy, but it’s like learning a new language as I go through the modules and calls.  I found out about  Rush from Gabelini several years ago. At that  time, funnels, JV partners, and many more words didn’t mean anything to me.

Now webinars fascinate me.  I heard Rush and Livingston again a few months ago. Rush’s background  is a teacher and it shows in how clearly she explains step-by-step how to put their program into practice. When she said “You need to know why to apply”, I totally agreed and put that quote into a jingle that I repeated several times.

During the on-line chat today, Gabelini told Rush that she admired  her dynamic speaking on stage to huge audiences. Gabelini is an extrovert but likes to talk to smaller groups. Rush said she’s an introvert, especially in small group meetings. She feels more comfortable with a larger number of attendees. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? However, I identify with Rush.

I’m an introvert too and I like to speak to large groups. In social parties, I tend to listen more than talk.

What about you?  Are you an introvert or extrovert and do you like to speak to large audiences or small groups?


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