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Tap Into Your Creativity To Repurpose Your Content

repurpose-content-on-keysAre you repurposing content? It can save you a lot of time so you can write fresh ideas or have extra time to enjoy yourself.

For instance, my book, Written Across the Genres, has stories, essays, poetry, and novel excerpts in a variety of genres.

I’m creating an on-line course about using stories to increase audience attention when doing a presentation. I know that life stories perk up  listeners and they remember the person because of the story he/she told.

My passion is for people to tell or write short  stories to use in a variety of ways because one’s life is important. We are on this plane for a short time, 90 to 100 years, and on that last day, who will remember you? How will some of your life experiences help someone if they aren’t recorded in some fashion? A life time of experiences  can be selected, shared, and  impact someone else’s life.

My webinar will include samples of snapshot life stories that will be repurposed from Written Across the Genres. I’m sending out permission letters to the authors who contributed to the memoir section of the collection. The life stories will be an eBook first and then put into a printed version. There are stories about career, travel, family, trials of moving,  terrors of war, etc.

Written Across the Genres has 335 pages. The repurposed book will have about a third of 335 pages. I plan to add videos of the authors’ bios via QR codes. If I choose to create more short books, I could take each genre and repurpose the stories into smaller books labeled Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Historic Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Western, etc.

Think about repurposing your blog posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, whatever you could gather and make into books or send those posts to other media you didn’t use when you first wrote them.

If you come up with more repurposing possibilities, share in the comment section.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog

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