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Grace Paley, a “combative pacifist and a cooperative anarchist”



In an interesting article written by Leora Skolkin-Smith, she states: “Grace Paley was a known pacifist and, also, a famous short story-writer. She enjoyed being referred to as a “combative pacifist and a cooperative anarchist”.

“Grace Paley was not extreme in either her pacifism or her sense of government as reliably unreliable in the governing of the “Little Disturbances of Man” (the title of her most famous short story collection). She lived within the law, gracefully and with moral direction, though she protested and therefore refused to pay war taxes at times.”

To read more about Grace, click here.

Thanks to John Clarke for sharing this article on Facebook.


To the members of my writing class, don’t you love the description of a “combative pacifist and a cooperative anarchist”?  Can anyone think of other contrasting adjectives to describe a character?


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  1. Thanks for posting this, Julaina. I opted to read the entire article. I had not heard of Grace Paley before. Now I want to go read all her work.

  2. Thanks, Gary. I hadn’t heard of her before either and I’d like read her work too.

  3. Sounds like a woman after my own heart.

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