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Need Feedback on My New Book Cover Title

This cover is the working draft by artist Michelle Rene Goodhew for my new book available in a few weeks. The part that still needs work is the title. The book is  for entrepreneurs who want to improve their presentations with interspersing life experiences. The essays were written by writer friends. In the introduction to each one, I point out the elements of good storytelling. Please let me know in the comments  which title you like best. Thank you.

A. Impact and Profit from Your Life Experiences
B. How to Make an Impact with Your Life Experiences
C. Be a Client Magnet with Your Life Experiences
D. Magnetize Clients with Relatable Experiences



Michelle’s website is above.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog




  1. How to Make an Impact USING Your Life Experiences

  2. Lola Tyler Eck says:

    An Entrepreneurs Guide to Powerful Presentations – Life Stories that Impact and Persuade

  3. I think How To Make An Impact Using Your Life Experiences is a good subtitle, but my eye gravitates toward shorter main titles: Cod: The History of the Fish that Changed the World; Kluge: (well, I don’t remember the subtitle but the book is about how the brain works). Maybe something like Share, Connect, Profit?

  4. Kimberly Steele says:

    I absolutely love this cover. It is powerful, eye catching and makes a bold statement. Cannot wait to read the book! I believe there are no accidents in life and we are all where we should be getting prepared for the next “chapter” (pls excuse the intended pun). Well done Juliana. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

    • Thanks, Kimberly, for your input and for believing in me for this new endeavor. I appreciate you reminding me over the years, of my desire to reach more people with speaking to larger audiences.

  5. I really want to come up with something superbly clever, but everything I come up with obscures the actual content. I really like Lola’s suggestion, with the following edit:
    “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Powerful Presentations – connecting through through your life stories”
    Or something. The way Lola wrote it (hi Lola!) it sounds like you’re going to share a bunch of life stories that entrepreneurs can use in their presentations. But the way I understand the book, you’re helping entrepreneurs learn how to tell their own life stories to make a personal connection with their audiences.

    • Hey, Peter, thanks for your comment! Yes, you got it and summed it up well, “you’re helping entrepreneurs learn how to tell their own life stories to make a personal connection with their audiences”.

      I share about 20 life stories other writer friends wrote and I published in Written Across the Genres in 2014. With their permission, I repurposed the stories in this book and I pointed out elements of good storytelling in each one. It will be a workbook for my on-line course.

      I hope you’re writing too. 🙂 See you soon at SFWC.

  6. Still thinking about your title, but I’ll sure buy your book and tell our High Desert California Writers Club members about it!

  7. I guess I’m the only vote for D. Magnetize Clients with Relatable Experiences

    I like it’s brevity and punch. (I don’t know if impact has finished its evolution to become a verb as well as a noun, but your audience likely does not contain resistors.)

    • Funny how “they” tell us to use some words but in research (which I did a lot), people didn’t like magnetize.

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