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New 7 Day Challenge Goes Awry

I’ve joined a 7 day challenge.  It is supposed to be a live stream with a call to action that leads here where I will  post a quote or a tip a day.

The hours slipped away with no live stream, but here’s a quote.

See you tomorrow.


(Did you have a plan that didn’t work out today?)



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  1. Gary Lea says:

    My plan for today was to do some work on my programming project and to work on my novel. Instead I had to call the guy who fixed my leaking window because it leaded again, which led to taking the blinds and curtains off the window, then showing him where it had leaked and working with him for awhile. Then the faucet in the bathroom started leaking (the whole house is springing leaks). Had to go buy a new faucet and install it. By that time the whole day was pretty well shot… no programming or writing got done.

    • julaina says:

      Maybe astrologically, we all were affected. Today wasn’t much better for me. BTW, our class is up to four so far. See you Monday.

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