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BBC Professor’s Live Interview Gatecrashed by His Children

You might have seen this short video on YouTube or Facebook but I couldn’t resist posting it here.  It is hilarious to me since I’m learning how to use BeLiveTV and one never knows what’s going to happen live.



  1. This was so funny! Welcome to the new age of business. I think business leaders and society have become much more accepting of this situation because it demonstrates an improved quality of life where fathers are closer (physically working from home and emotionally) to their families being more involved in the maturation cycles of their children. Seeing the professor’s wife be in complete horror of the situation reminds us that there are remnants of past belief systems but I think there is more of an openness to this type of situation. During many of my own conference calls, I hear dogs barking, vacuum cleaners running, and babies crying in the background. These events would never have occurred nor been accepted 15 – 20 years ago. Quite frankly, I am glad working from home is so accepted today. The only time it catches me off guard is when I forget about video conferencing which happened yesterday – oops no make up and forgot to brush my hair! Oh well.

    • Yes, a more relaxed acceptance in business is much more fun and human. I saw a follow-up on that video with an interview of the professor and his wife. The news had reported her as a nanny, a judgement because she is Asian. She is his wife and when asked by the interviewer, she didn’t like being called the nanny but they both were cool about the incident with the children.
      I almost missed a conference call this morning and would have had a bad hair day too if I didn’t wake up just in enough time to put make up on and do a combing. 🙂

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