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Traveling On Train Couchettes Can Be Difficult

In my book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, (June 28th launch date) Phyllis Jardine describes her experiences traveling in couchettes. The second trip she took was on a night train between Budapest and Prague. She and her partner, Thad shared the six-berth space with four other people whom they did not know. The strangers warned them about thieves on this particular section of railway and to be sure to double-check the lock when they left the compartment.

Jardine and Thad explored other areas on the train before they retired but they hadn’t considered that the train official would lock the doors between cars as well. When they discovered the extra precaution, they dashed to their sleeping quarters. If you want to know whether they made it in time to avoid being unable to enter, you can read Phyllis’s essay in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.  

Thank you for ordering the book on June 28th to help my Amazon ranking. The more people who buy on Wednesday, the higher my ranking toward #1 Amazon bestseller status will be.

Readers have 20 essays to enjoy and writers can learn elements of good storytelling. Speakers will gain insights on the emotional impact their own travel stories can make on their audiences.  Jardine uses tension regarding vulnerability while visiting countries with different customs and unexpected risks. When a short travel experience is interjected into a talk, perhaps about vulnerability, the listeners can relate and bond with the teller, creating loyal fans.


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