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5 Day Challenge To Get A Project Done

If you had a free opportunity to get a project done by joining a 5 Day Challenge, what problems would you want solved during that time?

Usually when you’re stuck with moving forward on a project, it’s due to procrastination, lack of time, or maybe your muse went on vacation and your creativity is blocked.

As you think specifically about your project. . . name it, then look at it in your imagination, and determine what is the obstacle.

What would you want from someone who could help you get unstuck?

Please let me know in the comment section. Thanks.


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  1. The project I’m working on seems dry, stale, boring. I’d like to free up more creative juices.

    • julaina says:

      Thanks, Julie, for commenting. I’m planning a 5 day challenge to help people with their projects. See my next post.

  2. Energy to be creative when I have the time to do so.

    • julaina says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Lani. I’m planning a free 5 day challenge to address getting projects done. See my next post.

  3. Gary Lea says:

    I always seem to get around to writing when all the “gotta does” are out of the way and, like Lani, my creative energy is drained. How do I keep the energy level up (or rearrange when I do my writing)?

    • julaina says:

      Thanks, Gary, for commenting. My new free 5 day challenge could help you with that. See my next post.

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