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FREE 5-Day Challenge to Get a Project Done Starts September 5th, Tuesday

If you are stressed with too much to do,

  • would you like to decrease your overwhelm?
  • would you like a new way to prioritize your projects and get results?
  • would you like to focus on one project with an easy path to completion?

This technique works for any kind of project from business promotions to arts and crafts to college classes to clearing clutter, whatever you want to accomplish.

Join me for my FREE 5-Day Get a Project Done Challenge


Starting on Tuesday, September 5th, I’ll be giving you a series of 5 simple prompts to show you my strategy along with daily support and accountability via live-stream video and Facebook.

If you participate every day, you could be the winner of a $25 Amazon gift card. I will put your name in a hat for a random drawing at the end of the challenge. Details will follow.

The Challenge starts Tuesday, September 5th and finishes on Saturday, September 9th.  

Join me on September 5th and discover how to reduce your overwhelm, gain clarity on your projects, and get focused on one with amazing results.

Join me on the 5th at https://www.facebook.com/JulainaKleistCorwin/

I look forward to working with you in the 5-Day Get a Project Done Challenge.


  1. I’m in Julaina! The timing is right. Look forward to Tuesday’s prompt!

  2. I’m looking forward to it. It may give me the impetus to try a short story I’ve been thinking about.

  3. Reminder Julie and Sally, the 5-Day Challenge is on my Facebook business page:
    Day One video is there and Day Two will be there tomorrow.

    • That’s 1pm my time. Forgot about the time difference today and missed the live one.

      • You’re right, Sally, I need to specify Pacific time. Also with Labor Day, I mistakenly thought today was Monday. LOL. So I will either BeLive early in the morning or during the day sometime since I’ll be working in the office. If I don’t get up early enough, I’ll aim for noon, Pacific Time. 🙂

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