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Citizenship Is One of the Topics In Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Reme Pick Author of the soon-to-be released The Blue Yoke



In my new book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, Reme Pick tells about her frustrating experience trying to obtain a Filipino passport so she could join her American husband in the United States. Her birth certificate and other identifying paperwork burned during the war with Japan. Pick’s use of dialogue exemplifies her surprise when she finds out that she’s not considered a Filipino citizen just because she was born in the Philippines. Citizenship was determined by her father’s country, yet the British Consulate said it was based on her mother’s country. The Spanish Consulate disagreed, which built the tension of how she would be able to leave the Philippines.  The complications led to a simple answer at the end, providing a pleasing twist.

You can find out how Reme solved her problem by ordering Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans on May 31st for free through Amazon eBooks. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, since the price will go up after the launch.

The print book will be available June 15th.

My book is dedicated to entrepreneurs, speakers, and writers who wish to be of service to others by sharing unique skills and relatable life experiences.

Back cover of Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans with Testimonials












Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

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Dangerous Deer Topic in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

George Cramer’s “Why I Hate D.E.E.R.” is published in my new book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.

Cramer tells about riding a motorcycle and watching out for:

D – Dangerous

E – Evil

E – Everywhere

R – Rodent

which equal DEER. He uses  danger to engage interest.  The possibility of crashing into deer who leap out into the road or are in the middle of the road and aren’t seen until the rider comes around a corner of the highway increases the suspense in his story.  His relationship with deer on his road trips is told with a good sense of humor.

You can read his adventures in the eBook version of Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, which will be launched on Amazon May 31st for $.99. The price goes up after the launch.

Last Saturday, we celebrated  with George Cramer for his graduation with a masters degree under amazing circumstances.  Way to go, George!!


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Written Across the Genres

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans



Lake Biwa Wishes Book Recommendation



A recently published book called Lake Biwa Wishes written by Judy Lussie captured my attention and appreciation. Lussie created strong characters, interesting pacing and structure, and  well-crafted sentences. It opens in Japan with Toni, a married woman, who goes on a ski trip with her new Japanese friends. She meets Kenji, the ski instructor, and internal struggles then abound throughout the book.


Lake Biwa Wishes is not a formula romance, but romantic scenes tug at the readers’ heart as the characters continue to find each other in Japan and America.

Learn more about Judy Lussie click here.


Follow her with photos of Lake Biwa Wishes on Pinterest here.

Check out Lussie’s blog for travel tips here.

Reading From One of My Stories At The Las Positas Anthology Launch


Saturday afternoon Las Positas launched their 2017 anthology called, Beyond the Window.





Two of my stories are published in it. A fiction piece called, “The House Lived” and a memoir essay called “Dancing”.  I enjoyed reading an excerpt from my story in addition to reading two of Eloise Hamann’s poems  since she was unable to attend.









Our California Writers Club, Tri-Valley Branch President, Patricia Boyle, and Vice President, Constance Hanstedt, won awards for their poetry.




Carole MacLean from Fuzzy Red Socks Retreats Has An Essay in New Book

Carole MacLean

Carole MacLean’s essay, “A New Season”,  is in my book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans that will launch on May 31st. She uses football as a framework for her story about her parents. She begins with the Super Bowl and ends with a reference to coaches. Loyalty on many levels flows throughout the essay and creates a relatable bond with readers. Speakers who want to add life experiences to their presentations can be inspired by the football topic and/or how to weave in a value such as loyalty.

You can learn more about Carole click here.

She leads retreats where each attendee “receives a pair of socks to wear during the workshop and to take home with them.  The socks are a symbol of self care – imagine sitting on the couch in your fuzzy red socks curled up in a blanket reading a good book and sipping hot cocoa.”

A simple pair of socks can remind us “to slow down, rest, reflect on life and feel rejuvenated by letting go.”

Do you have a symbol to remind you to slow down?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Written Across the Genres

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Hada’s Fog