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Book Recommendation Ardent Spirit by J. K. Royce

Julie Royce gave a copy of her book, Ardent Spirit, to a mutual friend. About a month later, I gave the same friend a copy of my book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. The friend is on staff where I teach my writing classes. She was happy Julie and I shared our books with her since she knows Julie is in my class and is curious about what we writers do in it on Mondays.

As the friend clutched the copy of my book, she said that although she doesn’t usually read historical fiction, she enjoyed Julie’s book so much she couldn’t put it down. She FELT like the protagonist, Magdelaine La Framboise.

I shared the friend’s comment with Julie when we met for lunch and I said, “Julie, the reader, feeling like the main character, is exactly what we aim to create in our writing!”  We celebrated the success with her book, which has been selling more copies than she expected would happen. Click here.

J.K. Royce

Amazon’s description is “Magdelaine Marcotte La Framboise was inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame in 1984. Two centuries after her birth, she was recognized for her achievements in business. She is a role model, an inspiration and a woman who earned a rightful place in history.

“Born Magdelaine Marcotte in 1780, she was the daughter of a French fur trader and granddaughter of powerful Odawa Chief Kewanoquat. Haunted first by the murders of her father and husband, and then the untimely deaths of her daughter and infant grandson, the illiterate widow defied the social customs and expectations of the era. With unflinching courage and an ardent spirit, she charted her own bold course through the male dominated Great Lakes fur trade.” Click here to order the book.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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What Are You Reading?


I plan Sunday mornings for hours of reading. Then about noon, we go to the farmers’ market to shop organic and Starbucks to read some more.


Today, I balanced my time between When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi and Marilyn Steele’s The Wild Feminine.




A member of our reading  group chose When Breath Becomes Air which is an amazing book about a thirty-six year old neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.   Click here.






Amazon states: “In The Wild Feminine, Jungian psychologist and artist Marilyn Steele, Ph.D. weaves personal and archetypal stories and dreams together for a soulful and inspiring call to action. Through poignant, humorous, and deeply felt presentations of her life, Marilyn strikes a chord with all of us in whom the Wild Feminine is ready to emerge. These stories are designed to awaken a feminine consciousness and bring wild feminine power and wisdom back to the world. In this book, we see how to open to mystery and learn to trust our inner wisdom.

Marilyn and I met at Starbucks on Saturday to talk about our progress in producing what we are learning about in an on-line class we take together. I told her before lights out at night, I like to read a chapter from The Wild Feminineclick here .

In skilled prose, Marilyn writes about the time she lived in the S.F. East Bay hills with redwood trees and hummingbirds, a stag, and other animals. The stories tell about her struggles, accomplishments, and what brings her peace. They are motivating, at times humorous, and filled with “transformative wisdom.”

In the chapter called, “Listening with the ear of your heart,” Marilyn tells about the stag outside who visits her cottage and the stag in her dream. “The stag moves easily between the living and the dream worlds, especially at Samhain, the Celtic New Year. This is the time of no-time, when the veils are thinnest.”

The stag, for her, is “a spiritual pathfinder, this gentle warrior who integrates masculine and feminine energies. Showing me that life’s mysteries, usually hidden, want to be seen and known. We seek a wild peace.”

I highly recommend both books, click on the direct links above if you are interested in them.


What are your reading?



Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Join Paula Chinick As She Looks For A Job

Paula Chinick wrote a life experience for my recent book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. She titled it “Best of Times.” It’s about the loss of her job and looking for a new one. Chinick used scenes and showed body language to reveal emotion. “I recall an ache in my stomach as if a boulder had slammed into it and then my mind went numb.”

Follow her growth arc from anxiety in the beginning to freedom at the end in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. Click here.


Chinick is an award-winning thriller writer, known for her Red Asscher series. Red Asscher, Living in Fear is the first in the series Click here.









Red Asscher, Living in Turmoil is the second book click here.

The third installment, Living in War will be available in a few weeks.

I enjoyed Chinick’s books. The settings made me feel like I have visited 1943 China along with Anya, the protagonist. I worried about how she would survive, I could hear the enemy’s boots coming closer to where she hid, and I wondered which of the people she met could be trusted.

Plus these book covers make attractive additions to my book shelf. I’m looking forward to seeing the third cover.

Chinick’s publishing company, Russian Hill Press, has published numerous novels ranging from romance to poetry with more than half of the authors winning awards for their novels.  https://www.russianhillpress.com




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Culture Clash or Crash Course For Women’s Success In A Man’s Business World?

In Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans (launches tomorrow, Wednesday, the 28th), Elaine Schmitz writes about the lessons she learned from her Greek grandmother, Yiayia, in her essay called, “Culture Clash.” She attributes success as a female in a male-dominated business world to Yiayia.

Her grandmother preached the patriarchal philosophy of ancient Greece and taught Schmitz how to iron, embroider, and to value the wisdom of her elders. However, the greatest impact was Yiayia’s actions that “spoke louder than words.”

Schmitz describes the contrast between what was said, “the man is the head of the household” with how her grandmother boldly managed her own husband, her siblings and their spouses, and six nieces and nephews. A scene from Schmitz’s youth dealing with her teenage male cousin gives a glimpse of the determination Schmitz had developed.  She’s grateful to Yiayia for passing on “the will and fortitude to thrive in a challenging world.”

This essay can inspire speakers to:

  • tell a family philosophy and show a contrast with opposite actions by them
  • use a childhood memory to illustrate a point
  • to show positive outcomes for women in today’s business world

Elaine Schmitz has published several short stories and a book, Recipes & Recollections of My Greek-American Family. Click here to order.

If you click to order the Greek recipe book tomorrow, you can order the print version of Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans for a discounted price. Click here to order.

I appreciate your taking time tomorrow to order my book since the more orders on the launch date, June 28th, the closer the print version can get to the #1 Amazon bestseller ranking.

Readers can enjoy the twenty essays in this new book.




Writers can review the elements of good storytelling that are described in the intros to each life experience.





Thank you all for ordering on the 28th, tomorrow,

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

J.K. Royce Author of PILZ has a Life Experience Published in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

J.K. Royce

J.K. Royce’s essay, “Writer’s Slump” is featured in my book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. Presenters and authors can look for the sensory details Royce included, for example: her husband regards her with the “worried eyes of a deer sniffing the scent of a hungry wolf.” She laces the essay with snippets of subtle humor and metaphor.

During a cell phone call from her mother, Royce said she thought her mother was “about to morph into a cell signal, burst through the phone, and reconfigure herself in front of me so I wouldn’t miss what she was about to say.”

You’ll find out what her mother says when you order the eBook, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans on it’s launch day, May 31st, for only $.99.


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