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Hada’s Fog Chapter 27 Is Posted

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Hada’s Fog, Chapter 27, is posted. Look at menu above for the page.






Esther asks Hada for a favor.

Chapter Twenty-Six Of Hada’s Fog Is Posted

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In the twenty-sixth chapter of Hada’s Fog, Samuel surprises the family with a change of plans. Lev suspects he continues to conspire against Abe.

ice-skating-in-justin-herman-plazaEsther and Judi go ice-skating with Abe.

Hada’s Fog Chapter 25 Is Posted Today

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Hada’s Fog Chapter 25 is posted today.




heart with flame handsHada’s love deepens and her loyalty shifts away from Samuel to someone else. The fog in her perception clears. Will it last or will doubt make her take a step backwards?

Hada’s Fog Chapter Twenty-Four Is Posted

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Chapter Twenty-Four is posted. See the menu above.



AmaryllisLev and Bira return home to the smell of smoke. Hada is in shock, and Bira panics about what happened while she was gone.

This chapter shows a major turning point for Hada on her character arc.







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Chapter Twenty-Three Of Hada’s Fog Is Posted

Flame mtedChapter Twenty-Three of Hada’s Fog is posted. See menu above.


In this chapter, Hada shifts away from her devotion to Samuel and defends her granddaughters instead.



hada cover with young