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Protagonist admires Norman Rockwell Paintings

Couple on chest saying dance teamMy protagonist, Jill, in my new multidimensional novel “Norman in the Painting” is a fan of Norman Rockwell. She falls in love with a man in a Rockwell style painting who appears from another dimension. As in most romance mysteries, obstacles block their way in being together.

An old friend of hers has to move to Idaho and offers Jill a Norman Rockwell poster. I chose the one I’ve added in this post. Like Jill, I admire Norman Rockwell paintings too and I enjoy the research to find the right pictures as I go along with the plot.

Do you have a favorite Norman Rockwell painting?

Have you experimented with Google free images to find what your characters look like or paintings that are in the story’s setting or an environment where the characters live? I find looking for images inspirational, maybe you will too.

Lillian Hellman Quote for Writers

table with open notebook and penLillian Hellman says “Story is what the characters want to do. Plot is what the writer wants the characters to do.”

The character in my new novel, Norman in the Painting, who appeared wearing a Homberg hat, is keeping his intentions a mystery. I wanted him to be hired by the antagonist, but he refuses that connection. Hellman is right.

Let us know if you have a character who wants to tell his or her own story and not follow your plot?

The New Character Wears a Homberg Hat

Homberg HatWhile writing Chapter Seven in my novel, Norman in the Painting, a new character arrived wearing a business suit and a Homberg Hat. He’s  a stranger to the small town, and Jill mistrusts him. Maybe she should but maybe he’s a guide to the interdimensions Norman travels. It’s too soon to tell for sure.

Port Key or Handle for an Inter-dimensional Novel Question

man in dimensionIn an inter-dimensional novel, can a port key or handle to move from one place/dimension to another be a particular colored object?  In my new novel, Norman in the Painting, I’m stuck on what makes Norman disappear and reappear. I’d like to use specific colors.

Any suggestions?