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Why Teach Empathy to Preschoolers

ALK3R shared an article today about why preschoolers should be taught empathy.

Why We Should Teach Empathy to Preschoolers

I’m curious what you think. Please let me know in comments.

On my other blog, I posted ALK3R again with his article about the Evolution of Gratitude. Click here if you want to read it.

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Hada’s Fog

Multiple Projects Can Get Out Of Hand


I’m a Type A personality, always busy, never bored.  A writing friend calls me Nutzoid when I take on another project. She’s right.  A cliche says “proof is in the pudding”, for me “proof is in the projects on my plate right now”  (yes, another cliche and one in the title).  Sometimes it’s fun to break the cliche rule.


My writing projects:

  • Blogging a completed novel, Hada’s Fog, chapter-by-chapter about once a week.
  • A multidimensional novel, Norman in the Painting,  half written
  • A YA novel, Lilli. with only chapter one done
  • An anthology, Choices, needs polishing
  • Newest book, Spotlight Stories, in planning stage

Part-time jobs:

  • Two days a week help my husband in one of his offices
  • Two days a week, one hour each, work with a dear SMH student
  • One half day a week teach a writing class 45 minutes away
  • One half day every other month supervise a student intern working on a teaching credential
  • One afternoon a month volunteer leading a social media group
  • Write when I can
  • Daily interact in multiple social media sites
  • Promote my anthology, Written Across the Genres

Here is the real Nutzoid part:

I have enrolled in 5 high-end, year-long, on-line programs with homework involved.

computer not laptop


I have faith that everything will get done at the right time because I love doing all that I do.



Are you a Type A? What are your projects?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog

Quotes for Teachers

Teachers performanceToday two of my intern teachers working toward their credentials who are in the final year of our program presented their portfolios. They spoke about their experience and the philosophy of teaching they have developed. I’ve worked for Fortune School of Education for over ten years as a field supervisor. I observe my interns teaching three times a year. I give suggestions for improving and sit on the presentation panel each year. Tonight the students were outstanding, detailed, confident, and inspired. This time of the year is the rewarding part of my job…to see how much these interns have grown since the first day they started to teach.

Teachers QuoteTeachers influence

Teachers involve studentsteachers love learning

Teachers optimism

Music and Memory

Music color vibrationsWhen I taught elementary school and special education classes, I used music in the background most of the day and rhythm music with the younger students to learn ABC’s, months of the year, math facts, etc. Research has shown that music helps memory.

On Thanksgiving, we had lunch with a friend and her extended family. Twenty of us in the restaurant placed our orders. The waitress didn’t write them down. Some of us wanted salad dressing on the side or gravy on the side, in addition to the several different appetizers and main courses we chose. The waitress surprised us with her exact memory. Not one error in our twenty individual orders. And she remembered our five check requests since each family wanted separate bills.

Our friend’s son said he could do the same. He repeated exactly all the orders we had made. When he was a child, his mother said he could repeat a whole TV program word for word after it was over. I asked him if he must have passed every test he took in school. He said not necessarily. I wondered why. He answered that the theme song on the TV programs made it easy to remember the words and actions.He repeats song lyrics after hearing them the first time. Whenever music is involved in other situations, he remembers everything that is going on in complete detail.  To me he is amazing.

I’d like to write a story with a character who has his ability. Do any of you have a similar memory?