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Facebook Live Stats



I found this statement by Supratik Lahiri: “Over the past year, daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has grown by more tha4x, and 1 in 5 Facebook videos is a Live broadcast.”

Not only are videos the way to connect, but Live is preferable.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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BBC Professor’s Live Interview Gatecrashed by His Children

You might have seen this short video on YouTube or Facebook but I couldn’t resist posting it here.  It is hilarious to me since I’m learning how to use BeLiveTV and one never knows what’s going to happen live.


Live Streaming Video About Hooks in Writing and Speaking

Daylight Savings Time caught me in a missed opportunity.  Tamara Monosoff and members of the 7 Day  Live Streaming Video challenge  were to meet up on Zoom at 9 in Sunday morning. Several of us forgot to change our clocks  so we were an hour late and missed it. We drowned our sorrow by getting on with the streaming and doing another BeLive. Here’s mine on using hooks in writing and speaking.


Seven Day Challenge to Live Stream

No Live Stream again today but  here’s a quote to help me feel like at least I’m doing half of my challenge. The idea is to do live stream with a call to action back to my blog or any of my sites. My theme for the 7 posts is communication.

To do live streams has been a goal of mine for almost a year. Not only live stream but adding videos to my sites. I attended a retreat given by Hans and Cindy from Lucidity Productions who demonstrated the equipment to use and helped us create short videos for practice. Click here for their 2  minute video with interesting statistics.

In March 2016, Forbes published an article called, “The State and Future of Live Video and the Rise of Real-Time Creators and Audiences click here. Communicating with videos and live streaming is a trend that isn’t going away.

These two days I’ve had family health emergencies so live streaming was put on hold. Tomorrow is another day.  See you then.

If you’ve done videos, feel free to put the URL of your favorite one in the comment section.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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A Weekend Workshop with Hans and Cindy of Lucidity Productions



Here is the email I received this morning welcoming me to the video workshop with Hans and Cindy this weekend. With their help and the other attendees, I worked on my video scripts, soon to be posted.


This morning, we are starting our “Captivating Confidence on Video” Retreat! Yay!

Hans and I will be helping our clients use their iPhones to attract clients with video and make a global impact with their message.

And it got me thinking..

This is the first time in history we can create professional looking videos from our iPhones that get us clients from all over the world – when done correctly of course.

So it’s gotta be fun! And it’s gotta be authentic.

People have been so inundated with lame marketing that at the first sign of cheesiness, people simply click away. It’s just the truth.

So, how do you create videos from anywhere in the world that radiate your true essence, and captivate your ideal clients to want to work with you?

EduTainment as they say…..

Our VIP clients pay us thousands of dollars to create epic videos for them, and they know it is worth every penny. One video you make today could turn into consultations and clients for a lifetime.

But what if you’re not there yet… If you don’t have a $5k per month video budget, this might be the right next step for you to get yourself out there on video.

Or even if you’ve already hired video producers, but now you want to start making more videos on the fly – like start your video blog (vlog) or use Facebook Live?

What if you could learn the simplest way to start making branded videos that don’t cost you thousands of dollars? Using the iPhone that is 3 feet away from you?

That’s what we’re diving into this weekend with our amazing clients – we can’t wait to pull back the curtain and teach the golden nuggets we’ve learned along the way to help us build our coaching and consulting business, while traveling all over California and working from hundreds of different locations. What can I say – we love to travel. 🙂

If this intrigues you and you want to learn more about joining our next “Captivating Confidence on Video” retreat or learn more about our online program, click here to schedule a 45-minute Video Rockstar Breakthrough Session.

The session alone is worth $300, and is our personal gift to you, to help you break through to the other side and BE SEEN and IN SERVICE to your tribe.

Sending you lots of love from our retreat. We can feel your love too. xoxo

With Love and Aloha,

Cindy (and Hansy)

Lucidity Productions