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Meetings With Writers Linda Todd and Peter Dudley And Trading Books

Linda Todd


Trading books created Friday Fun today.  I met Linda Todd, my patient editor, writer, and dear friend at Panera’s in Alamo where we discussed writing, editing, critique groups, traveling, and recuperating among other topics. She turned over one of the proof copies of Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, which she used for our final edit.

I transported the copy to a Starbucks in Concord where I met with Peter J. Dudley, my long time writer friend. He loaned me a proof copy of his newest book to be published in June called Lifelike. I hoarded several of his book marks to hand out to members of my writing group. And, I loaned him the proof copy of Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.

We plan to write reviews for each other after our books are published. When Peter and I were in a seven member critique group that met in Alamo many years ago, he knew he and I would publish in the future. Tenacity and the love of the written word led his prediction to come true for the two of us. He is more prolific than I am. Lifelike is his fifth novel. Captivate is my second book.  In the photo, I’m holding Peter’s first novel, Semper. He wrote two more novels for this New Eden trilogy, Forsada (2013)  and Freda (2014). The same year, 2014, Peter published The Big Lie, a YA book.

Today we talked about Amazon algorithms, how to promote our books, and caught up on what has been happening in our lives between books.

Peter told me the inspiration for Lifelike was two photos that faced each other across a walkway at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. As he stood between them, he felt some energy and their story developed. I’m ready to curl up and start reading.

Peter Dudley and me at the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference.

Captivate Audiences To Create Loyal Fans

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans is a new book I’ve compiled and will publish in a couple of weeks. One of the essays written by Eloise Hamann is about this photo of Former President Obama and his daughters around November 2012 when Sasha was 10 years old and Malia, 14 .


To find out why Eloise carried this photo on an important day years ago, you can read her essay called, “A Most Politic Day.”






Photo credit:  Foto: afp, JEWEL SAMAD http://www.rp-online.de/politik/ausland/us-wahlen/obamas-toechter-sasha-und-malia-von-2008-bis-2012-bid-1.3059639



Need Feedback on My New Book Cover Title

This cover is the working draft by artist Michelle Rene Goodhew for my new book available in a few weeks. The part that still needs work is the title. The book is  for entrepreneurs who want to improve their presentations with interspersing life experiences. The essays were written by writer friends. In the introduction to each one, I point out the elements of good storytelling. Please let me know in the comments  which title you like best. Thank you.

A. Impact and Profit from Your Life Experiences
B. How to Make an Impact with Your Life Experiences
C. Be a Client Magnet with Your Life Experiences
D. Magnetize Clients with Relatable Experiences



Michelle’s website is above.


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Plan Your Year: Nonfiction Writing Prompt #52 by Nina Amir

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Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog



Unusual Churches and Temples Posted by ALK3R

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Looking for unusual settings for your stories? The link for the 25 photos ALK3R posted is below with one example from Belgium that is my favorite. On my other blog, I enjoyed seeing the 400 Year old Colonial church that emerged from a reservoir “as if it was a ghost attempting to come back to life.”  Click here to see it and learn more.

Thanks ALK3R, both of your posts made my day.

For the link to  25 Unique and Breath-taking temples click here.

The See-through church in Limburg, Belgium: