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YA Book Recommendation

Shannon Brown’s book, Rock’n’Roll in Locker Seventeen is a hilarious novel about seventeen-year-old Steven who is the biggest fan of a rock’n’roll star who vanished thirty years ago. Shannon presents the question, “What if you discovered what really happened to the world’s most famous missing rock star?”

You can find out by ordering Rock’n’Roll in Locker Seventeen on Amazon.

Six Signs of Middle Age Humor

Stacey Gustafson’s recent post is titled, “6 Signs You’re Middle-Aged”. How many signs describe you?

Check out staceygustafson.com


Switching Genres

Most of my assignments in the writing class I teach are optional. The last couple weeks, I’ve had non-optional assignments which involve creating a new POV character in a different genre. I’m impressed with their successes so far. I had to push myself to leave women’s fiction and YA to enter the realm of paranormal romance with my Jill, a CPA who falls in love with a time traveling man. The experience of writing in a different genre is valuable even if the new novel never reaches the publishing point.

Braving Memories by Julie Royce


Julie Royce’s story, Headed North on a Southern Highway will be published in the Times They Were A-Changing Anthology available in August. The anthology theme is Women remember the 60’s and 70’s.

Editor Kate Farrel prefaced Royce’s blog post with: Julie Royce is the winner of Prose Second Honorable Mention. Julie discusses the courage it took for her to write and then submit her personal story.

Julie Royce


CreateSpace Publishing Experience

Check out author, Julie Royce’s blog: Julie’s Write Place:


She humorously reports her CreateSpace publishing experience with her novel, PILZ

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