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CreateSpace Publishing Experience

Check out author, Julie Royce’s blog: Julie’s Write Place:


She humorously reports her CreateSpace publishing experience with her novel, PILZ

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Humorous Fortune Cookies


Stacey Gustafson has a collection of humorous fortunes on her blog. Here is part of her post:

Do you believe in fortune cookies?  Take a break and enjoy “Don’t Fry Bacon in the Nude” and other funny fortunes.  This month I collected the best hilarious, snarky and celebrity fortunes for you.  Click on my link to get started, Stacey Gustafson.  Go get your funny on!


Stacey Gustafson


Pineterest Break

Taxes are done. I like to take quick breaks with Pineterest.  If you like swans, check out my new pins on my Beauty Board at:    http://pinterest.com/jkleistc/  Sample is from:


and thank you to  follower Kirsty Anderson on Pineterest

for her Swan Board.


California Writers Club Literary Review

My story “Fried Chicken Talks” is published in the 2013 issue of “The California Writers Club Literary Review”.  This publication is one of the perks of being in the club. The Review is delivered to all members, and we have the opportunity to enter our work every year. This time, editor David Lewis LaRoche said, “One-hundred fifty-two submissions were reviewed and graded, each by three different editors using common genre-specific criteria for making assessments. What you see is the best.”

I feel honored that my story was one of the twenty-seven selected.


Busy with taxes but I’ll post again soon. I’m taking breaks from numbers to edit the class anthology and to plan the paranormal romance featuring Jill, the CPA who falls in love with a time traveling man.