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Join Paula Chinick As She Looks For A Job

Paula Chinick wrote a life experience for my recent book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. She titled it “Best of Times.” It’s about the loss of her job and looking for a new one. Chinick used scenes and showed body language to reveal emotion. “I recall an ache in my stomach as if a boulder had slammed into it and then my mind went numb.”

Follow her growth arc from anxiety in the beginning to freedom at the end in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. Click here.


Chinick is an award-winning thriller writer, known for her Red Asscher series. Red Asscher, Living in Fear is the first in the series Click here.









Red Asscher, Living in Turmoil is the second book click here.

The third installment, Living in War will be available in a few weeks.

I enjoyed Chinick’s books. The settings made me feel like I have visited 1943 China along with Anya, the protagonist. I worried about how she would survive, I could hear the enemy’s boots coming closer to where she hid, and I wondered which of the people she met could be trusted.

Plus these book covers make attractive additions to my book shelf. I’m looking forward to seeing the third cover.

Chinick’s publishing company, Russian Hill Press, has published numerous novels ranging from romance to poetry with more than half of the authors winning awards for their novels.  https://www.russianhillpress.com




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Plot Arc Is Important For Personal Stories



When you are crafting a life experience that you will include in a talk you’re giving or if you are writing a short story about something that happened to you, do you use the plot arc?

Our aim is to build an upward slope from the beginning, peak it at the climax, and then calm it all out with the ending (resolution).

Usually we think of plots in a novel, but the elements in the diagram here, when used in telling life experiences makes the difference between an okay story and one with impact.

What I’ve noticed at several live events I’ve attended, is the speaker will let the story’s ending trail away and their voices tend to trail away too as if “Glad that’s over with.”

As the attendee, I’m left on the trail with no fork in the road, just a wall. I wonder what the experience meant, how could it inspire me, or how could I relate it to the topic of the presentation?  The weak or zero connection left me thinking the story wasn’t important and therefore the rest of the talk wasn’t either.

Tip for today: Choose a relatable life experience to include in your talk or your written work. Craft it with the elements of the Plot Arc and deliver it with belief that it is important.

It would be interesting to read your key points as they relate to Plot Diagram. Use comments to share or if you have questions.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Written Across the Genres




The Wizard of Oz and The Hero’s Journey


In The Wizard of Us by Jean Houston, she analyzes The Wizard of Oz with the Hero’s Journey. Through a mythic lens, we discover the archetypes of mind, heart, and courage represented by the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. We meet the gatekeepers in the story and the wizard within us.

Amazon’s description of the book states, “This thoughtful, layered guide offers new understanding of the human condition, the importance of myth, and the critical nature of our role and how we can participate in the creation of a better world. The Wizard not only calls us forth but he has called forth the journey itself. It’s time to uncover your inner hero and become the essential human you were always meant to be.”

For The Wizard of Us by Jean Houston, click here.

Writers would be interested in what Houston identifies as Dorothy’s Apotheosis. The definition of Apotheosis is the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax. In the Hero’s Journey, Apotheosis is when the hero’s old limited self dies and is transformed into a new being. Dorothy’s precise time of shifting is when she and her three friends meet with the Wizard after completing all the tasks he demanded before he would help them. Dorothy wanted a way to return home, the Scarecrow wanted a mind, the Tin Man wanted a heart, and the lion wanted courage.

When the Wizard refused to grant their wishes and bellows at them to leave, Dorothy finds her inner strength and her voice. “If you were really great and powerful, you’d keep your promises!”

Houston’s call to action for all of us is to claim our roles in this “extraordinary moment of human history” as powerful “Social Artists” and “Catalysts of Change” to aid in a global awakening to a new, better world.

For more information about a possible joyous and brilliant society and a sustainable Earth, visit www.jeanhouston.com.

For The Wizard of Us by Jean Houston, click here.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Vision Quote By Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent at Business Success Edge says,


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”



What is your vision?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Quote By Jean Houston About Stories

Jean Houston says:

“Stories are living and dynamic.

Stories exist to be exchanged.

They are the currency of Human Growth.”


I just finished an inspiring online course Jean Houston offered. Amazing growth and lifetime access to reviewing the course is what I look for in a beneficial program taught by an admirable mentor. I’m looking forward to learning more from her in the future.


Last week I finished reading her book, The Wizard of Us and highly recommend it. To order from Amazon, click here.

She analyzes The Wizard of Oz and aligns it with The Hero’s Journey. The processes at the end of specific points are what I call exercises, which I did and I had excellent results.






Are you familiar with Jean Houston’s teachings? Do you agree with her quote?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Written Across the Genres