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Michael Connelly And Lee Child Treat Their Aging Series Differently

The pick for our reading group’s book of the month was Michael Connelly’s The Wrong Side of Goodbye.

I’m new to Michael Connelly’s Bosch series. I’ve read two, The Crossings and this selection. Other members of the group have read several of his novels with the main character, Harry Bosch, solving crimes while he dealt with personal issues. They hoped Bosch’s retirement didn’t mean that Connelly would end that series.

Thankfully, Bosch is back and we discussed his character arc over the many novels about him.

For comparison, I brought up the author, Lee Child, whose crime series has Jack Reacher as a main character. The first 5 or 6 thrillers of Reacher tales entertained me. I liked the humor, I like the fact that Reacher doesn’t use suitcases, he only carries a toothbrush in his treks across miles and miles. He’s a strong, unique character.

However, I began to see a pattern to his books, which distracted my rapt attention and the critic in me complained that the extreme graphic violence wasn’t necessary to include in the plots. I didn’t give up, I read several more of Child’s series until the one I’m reading now.

This one is the last one. Not only is the violence too much, but I don’t think Lee Child wrote it. The style is similar but the content and the details can’t be Lee Child, the author I enjoyed before. The ending was medically unbelievable and the solution to the intrigue was summed up by one of the characters who was bleeding out from his wounds. Several paragraphs of backstory told by the guy whose blood pools everywhere? Come on, Child, you know better than that.

I looked at the reviews on Amazon and agree with PZF85Jon who said,

“Obviously Mr Child doesn’t have a plan how to deal with Reacher when he gets older (hint: have a chat with Mr. Connelly – his hero, Harry Bosch is ageing nicely – like a very good red wine.)”

Character Arc makes a difference.

I’d love any comments about either author.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog

Live Streaming Video About Hooks in Writing and Speaking

Daylight Savings Time caught me in a missed opportunity.  Tamara Monosoff and members of the 7 Day  Live Streaming Video challenge  were to meet up on Zoom at 9 in Sunday morning. Several of us forgot to change our clocks  so we were an hour late and missed it. We drowned our sorrow by getting on with the streaming and doing another BeLive. Here’s mine on using hooks in writing and speaking.


Communication Tips Video About Book-Ends

Day 5 of the 7 Day Live Streaming Challenge and I did my first one. The tip is about book-ends for your speech or writing.


Video on How to Speak so People Want to Listen

For my theme of communication during the 7 day video challenge, I found this short (10 minutes) TED Talk by Julian Treasure. Click here. To me, the key is how to speak so people want to listen.

To prepare for live streaming, I cleared some clutter behind my desk in the corner of my office. I had stacks of books which I sorted and put in the right places on overflowing bookshelves. I’ve wanted to accomplish that reorganization for months, or maybe years. The time away from completing my taxes was worth it. I can see the floor behind me and the open space is motivating.

Then I set up the background for the videos I plan to do so I should be ready tomorrow to catch up in the challenge. The live streaming will be on my business Facebook page but I’ll copy the URL here in case you want to see my first attempt. I plan to give tips from my new book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.

I’d like your vote for the topic. Which tip should I talk about first?

  1. Show don’t tell
  2. Avoiding Head hopping
  3. Bookend snippets of life stories

Thanks for your help.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog




Live Stream Challenge Video On International Women’s Day

Day 3 of the live stream challenge didn’t result in a creation from me. However, I watched fellow streamers’ videos and thought I’d share Linda Kroll’s. Click here. What I liked about her information was when she said, “Wherever we set our intentions and then put attention towards it, that’s when miracles happen.”


She added the importance to make yourself a priority and to think of something to do for yourself each day.

Kroll’s video is timely since it’s International Women’s Day. In Berkeley where I worked in my husband’s office, I was greeted by several people wishing me a Happy Women’s Day. A Peet’s Coffee staff member gave me a dollar off my drink for the occasion.

Did you celebrate?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog