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Holiday Shopping Done From Home With A Couple Of Clicks

Books make ideal gifts for the holidays. I have made several recommendations in different genres for the people on your list click here.

Check out each of the 7 days I posted with featured books in mystery, fantasy & sci-fi, woman’s fiction, historical fiction, memoir, middle grade, and young adult. Click on the direct Amazon links for the books that look like interesting gifts for people on your list. You will find the titles and small photos of the book covers along with the links below my short videos (approximately 8 minutes long). You can skip the videos and peruse the photos under the categories if you don’t want to listen to why I chose those books.

Scroll down to Day One dated November 14th for the first list and continue with each day until November 19th. Pick one or two for yourself to read and enjoy.

It’s easy to order. No lines at stores to deal with, no driving to crowded parking lots, just click on my links for books your family and friends would enjoy, and you will be at Amazon for your selections.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/JulainaKleistCorwin/



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