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Moving From City Life in America to Country Living in Germany Is Told In A Memorable Essay



Sonia Geasa’s essay, “The House in Germany” is published in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.

The contrast between  American city life and country living in Germany created an adjustment challenge for Geasa. Her husband was transferred to the Air Force Base after the war in a community with rental shortages. His boss recommended them to a landlord in Spangdahlem where they moved in with close-up views of cows, oxen, and steaming manure piles in their front yard.

Geasa describes her interactions with the German people while learning to understand the feelings of the “the hard-working and war-weary natives in our host country.” Find out how she won the hearts of the local families and how she felt about the 3 pigs living below the upper level of their home.

Read her memorable life experience in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans when the print edition launches on June 28th.

Speakers can create an emotion bond with audiences by using the elements of good storytelling as Sonia Geasa did. They can consider a personal experience about moving to a new environment if it fits into their presentation topic.

Enjoy twenty essays and the tips explained in each one when the book is available at a discounted price on June 28th.


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Caregiver Conflict Is A Hot Topic in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans





Camille DeFer Thompson’s essay, “Good Daughter” in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, addresses mixed emotions involved in care for her elderly mother.

Her growth arc began with awkward visits at the assisted-living facility where her mother resided. Each time the disinfectant inadequately masked the smell of urine, she witnessed the side effects of medication, felt ashamed of her agility among the residents in wheelchairs, and other reasons created a desire to leave as soon as possible. Camille’s emotions and use of the five senses makes her life experience real and identifiable to many people who have elderly loved ones.

She wanted to be a good daughter which revealed her inner struggle. The conflict within her opened up a possibility for a different perspective, an opportunity to change. Camille’s resolution at the end makes a memorable story that creates an emotional bond.

Elderly care is a hot topic, easily integrated into speaking if it demonstrates a point in the presentation.

“Good Daughter” is one of twenty life experiences in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans that illustrates elements of good storytelling for writing stories and for speakers to compose for their  presentations.

Wednesday, June 28th is the launch date for the print version of this valuable how-to book.

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Getting Things Done Advice Thirty Years Ago and Today


Have you ever learned something a long time ago and discovered you are using that information presently without realizing it? Thad Binkley tells about that kind of experience in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.

He read Chips off the Old Benchley thirty years ago but he didn’t think it impacted him. He liked the idea because he could relate to the method. Binkley does not take action in a linear fashion, i.e. make a list, do each task, check it off, and go on to the next item. The Benchley Method put a new spin on getting things done that appealed to Binkley. But he put the book back on the shelf and forgot about the method. . .he thought.

Recently he finished a project and remembered the time he read the Benchley Method long ago. He found the book again and the section called “How to Get Things Done.”  His epiphany was that he had been using the method all those years and it worked.

If you want to learn what the Benchley Method is, you can read about Binkley’s experience with it in Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans. The eBook is on Amazon and the print book will be released June 16th.  https://www.amazon.com/Captivate-Audiences-Create-Loyal-Fans-ebook

Thad Binkley

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I’ve dedicated the book to entrepreneurs, speakers, and writers who wish to be of service to others by sharing unique skills and relatable life experiences. There are twenty essays used as examples for tips on how to improve storytelling, which improves the emotional bond with readers and/or listeners. I’ve featured several of the authors on previous posts, which you can find  under the Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans category on the right.


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