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Energize Your Business With Feng Shui 5-Day Challenge In January

This quote applies to our business space as well. Whether we work at home or in an office, renewing the environment with simple activations complement our purpose.

In mid-January, I will be doing a five-day challenge about Feng Shui in Business. Intentions, goals, visions, dreams, ambition, are what we think about in the beginning of a year. By using specific objects in certain areas of your business space, the energy can change to bring in more success. Each of the five days I will focus on different “guas” such as Career, Wealth, Relationship, Health, and more.

What qua is the most important for you to energize right now?

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Creativity Needs Space, Clear Clutter

Clutter quoteA photo I shared on Facebook scared me about clutter, especially in my writing space. The photo is on my May 22nd Facebook post. Click here.

I consulted with Diane Halfman, professional organizer, whose talk at Lisa Sasevich’s Bootcamp in San Diego inspired me. I told her I’m  embarrassed about the piles of books and papers surrounding my desk because I am a Feng Shui consultant. I know better than to let clutter get out of hand, especially since my ‘writing cave’ is in my wealth corner.

We set up a plan. Before June 7th, I need to read her book and start clearing, a little at a time or more if I get on a roll. On the 7th, we will talk on the phone about my progress and what I’ll work on for about four hours that day. No interruptions, no excuses, just steady clearing. The last half an hour, we will discuss what I accomplished.

Halfman reminded me that creativity wants space.  I have many writing and speaking projects I want to do, yet I’m procrastinating.  Clutter is the foe.

The first quote in Halfman’s book, 10 Tips for Clearing the Confusion of Clutter, is “Clearing clutter gives you the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space that supports you to be able to create and enjoy your life.”

The 14 page book is free on her website: www.DianeHalfman.com

June 8th I’ll let you know if our plan worked. Wish me luck.  Clutter sign






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