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I’ve been busy preparing  my new book, Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, for publication, which didn’t leave much time for posting. The cover is done, thanks to Michelle Rene Goodhew at  https://mundusmediaink.com/

I worked on a short glossary of terms today and added a new essay by P. C. Chinick, author of the Red Asscher series click here.

Hada’s Fog will be next on the publishing list. My Beta reader is waiting for me to finish editing the last 8 chapters.

I’ve posted re-blogs from ALK3R on my other blog click here. He is a master of finding unusual and beautiful photographers’ work.


What are you writing now?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

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November Is National Novel Writing Month



Have you participated in NaNoWriMo, which means National Novel Writing Month? The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. You send your inner critic on vacation to Hawaii and you write to reach that word count. Does it seem like an impossible task?


I’ve participated for about 10 years and during that time, I succeeded with drafts of several novels. One I’m blogging here, Hada’s Fog, and it will be published  within a couple of months. Another one, Eva in the Haight, is in the so-called drawer waiting for an audience plus many revisions. Lilli is in need of multiple rewrites but is not in the drawer. She still has hope, depending on how Hada’s Fog is received. Lilli is one of the antagonists in Hada’s story and insists on her view of life. Norman in the Painting is about three fourths done and waiting for me.  The other two novels are still messy drafts with no real path.

The frenzy in keeping up the word count along with thousands of other NaNo writers is inspiring and fun. Check it out click here.


hada cover with young

Soon to be published

Chapter Twenty-Six Of Hada’s Fog Is Posted

hada cover with youngGo to menu and click on Hada’s Fog to read the novel.









In the twenty-sixth chapter of Hada’s Fog, Samuel surprises the family with a change of plans. Lev suspects he continues to conspire against Abe.

ice-skating-in-justin-herman-plazaEsther and Judi go ice-skating with Abe.

Hada’s Fog Chapter 25 Is Posted Today

Hada cover young





Hada’s Fog Chapter 25 is posted today.




heart with flame handsHada’s love deepens and her loyalty shifts away from Samuel to someone else. The fog in her perception clears. Will it last or will doubt make her take a step backwards?

Hada’s Fog Chapter Twenty-Four Is Posted

Hada cover young






Chapter Twenty-Four is posted. See the menu above.



AmaryllisLev and Bira return home to the smell of smoke. Hada is in shock, and Bira panics about what happened while she was gone.

This chapter shows a major turning point for Hada on her character arc.







Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog