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Hada’s Fog Chapter Eleven Scene Two Is Posted

Hada's Fog

Hada’s Fog

Hada’s Fog, my novel that I am blogging, is posted scene-by-scene a couple times a week. The last scene in Chapter Eleven is up today. See menu above.



In this chapter, Hada, the protagonist, has a glimmer of the possibility that her husband, Lev, might have a point concerning Samuel’s behavior. The glimmer affects her psychologically since the belief that Samuel, the first-born, could do no wrong was ingrained in her heart and mind. Hada’s mother beat her as a child, calling her stupid and no good because she wasn’t the first-born in the family.

Reality shaken, Hada hears voices.


Thank you followers who are sharing Hada. You are encouraging me more than you know.

J.K. Royce, friend and author of PILZ, kept reminding me to publish Hada’s Fog, my third NaNoWriMo novel that I spent years revising. I thought I’d have a limited audience and some members of my critique group had said Hada was an unlikable character. When I read How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir, she inspired me. Without Nina, Hada’s Fog would have stayed in a computer file. Ann Winfred surprises me at how well she understands Hada as she reads my scenes before I post them. With all of their reassurance and readers who are following the novel here, Hada’s story continues.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Book Launch with Home Improvement Stories

Going to a book launch tonight. Julie Rice, author of PILZ, Camille Thompson, and Stacey Gustafson have stories in NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BOOK with the subtitle of Home Improvement. They will be reading from the book and I’m sure it will be fun. All three have a sense of humor that is reflected in their stories.

Contest Honorable Mentions

All the votes are in for the poem about children contest. I will be moving the poems to the Contest Archive page today if you want to read the entries.

The first place winners are Lani Longshore, author of DEATH BY CHENILLE, for her poem “Armistice” and Julie K. Royce, author of PILZ, for her poem “Questions”.

And now to announce the two Honorable Mentions: Susie Crumpler for “Untitled” and Peter Dudley, Author of SEMPER and FORSADA, for his poem, “Tipping Point”.

I have everyone’s contact info but Susie’s. Venkat, can you email it to me?  Thanks.

More important news regarding all the participants in this contest will be posted shortly. Stay tuned.

Poetry Contest Winner Update

The first place winners have been selected for my poetry contest with the theme, children. You can view their poems in the New Contest page on the menu of this blog. The Honorable Mention category is still being discussed but will be decided soon.

Okay, hear the drum roll? The first place award is a tie. Two winners share first place: Lani Longshore for “Armistice” and Julie K. Royce for “Questions”.

Details will follow in another post as well as the names of the poets who are awarded Honorable Mention.

Lilli Remembers her Father on Lilli's Talk and Thoughts

Lilli plans for her own blog but has a painful memory. Go to her page on the top menu bar to learn more about her father.  She’s excited about getting her own blog which will be called Lilli’s Talk and Thoughts.

New replies to her posts are there too.