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The 7-Day Blog Post Challenge with short videos (3-4 minutes) is on Day #6, but all the daily ideas are in the archives on the right side-bar of my website click here.

Tonight’s post will be a tip on philosophical disagreement, scene, and dialogue featuring Anne Ayers Koch and Thad Binkley.

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Radio City Music Hall Could Be a Setting for Fiction Writing

location news in historyRadio City Music Hall, a magnificent Art Deco theater in New York City, opened December 27, 1932. Until the late 1970’s, the theater alternated between showing first-run movies and as a site for gala stage shows. “More than 700 films have premiered at Radio City Music Hall since 1933.”

The Christmas Spectacular with the “high-kicking Rockettes, a precision dance troupe”, has been shown there since the 1930’s. Over a million people see the show annually.

“In 1999, the Hall underwent a seven-month, $70 million restoration. Today, Radio City Music Hall remains the largest indoor theater in the world.”

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As I read this information, and remembered my two visits to Radio City Music Hall in the 1970’s, I imagined several different characters and their possible stories with the music hall as a setting. Art Deco is one of my favorite designs in buildings, clothes, jewelry, movies, and art. A story set in a time and place that I find fascinating would make writing about it enjoyable.

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Have you thought of a setting you’d like to use in a future story? Let me know in the comment section.


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What Was Your Favorite Gift This Year?

Christmas santa hat on sleeping dog The day after Christmas, were you “dog tired”? Could you relax or did the day-after-Christmas-sales draw you back to the stores?

Fortunately, I was able to stay away from the malls before, during, and after the holiday.

Neither my mom nor I put up any decorations. We wanted to keep it simple this year. We haven’t given gifts or cards to each other for several years since my parents are retired now. I cooked Christmas dinner, packed it up in my car, hoping to keep it warm, and delivered it to their house. We agreed it was one of the best holidays we’ve had, a memorable gift.

Gifts wrapped with gold paper

What was your favorite present this year?

Bing Crosby Sings White Christmas for the First Time In December 1941

White Christmas treesIrving Berlin, the Russian Jewish songwriter, wrote “White Christmas”and  in 1941 Bing Crosby sang it on his weekly NBC radio program, The Kraft Music Hall.  A year later, Crosby’s  recording of the song became a #1 hit.

“White Christmas” was listed as the world’s best-selling single in the first-ever Guinness Book of Records (published in 1955) and—remarkably—still retains the title more than 50 years later.




Happy Holidays Everyone

Christmas tree in a swirl