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Universal Themes Used in Fiction

Fog 2 for HadaChapter 4: Scene One is posted on the Hada’s Fog Page today. (See Menu Bar above.)

Often, stories are based on biblical plots or mythical themes. If they are not planned on purpose, the connection reveals itself after the story is written. When I started Hada’s Fog, I didn’t have a well-known theme in mind, but as the story unfolded, I realized it is a Cain and Abel theme. Samuel doesn’t kill Abe, but his jealousy of the younger brother’s relationship with their father drives him to make Abe’s life miserable whenever he can with covert actions that Hada doesn’t notice.

Hada champions Samuel since he is the first-born, but his mother’s devotion is not enough to balance the rejection Samuel feels from Lev.

What universal theme surrounds your story?