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Creativity Needs Space, Clear Clutter

Clutter quoteA photo I shared on Facebook scared me about clutter, especially in my writing space. The photo is on my May 22nd Facebook post. Click here.

I consulted with Diane Halfman, professional organizer, whose talk at Lisa Sasevich’s Bootcamp in San Diego inspired me. I told her I’m  embarrassed about the piles of books and papers surrounding my desk because I am a Feng Shui consultant. I know better than to let clutter get out of hand, especially since my ‘writing cave’ is in my wealth corner.

We set up a plan. Before June 7th, I need to read her book and start clearing, a little at a time or more if I get on a roll. On the 7th, we will talk on the phone about my progress and what I’ll work on for about four hours that day. No interruptions, no excuses, just steady clearing. The last half an hour, we will discuss what I accomplished.

Halfman reminded me that creativity wants space.  I have many writing and speaking projects I want to do, yet I’m procrastinating.  Clutter is the foe.

The first quote in Halfman’s book, 10 Tips for Clearing the Confusion of Clutter, is “Clearing clutter gives you the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space that supports you to be able to create and enjoy your life.”

The 14 page book is free on her website: www.DianeHalfman.com

June 8th I’ll let you know if our plan worked. Wish me luck.  Clutter sign






Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog

Hada’s Fog Chapter Twenty Is Posted

Hada cover youngChapter Twenty in Hada’s Fog is posted. See menu.


Esther and Judi stay with Shovai and Miri while Lev takes Bira for a consultation with Lawrence. They discuss how to stop Samuel from taking custody of the girls.






Lev is shocked to see Miri’s condition. Shadow of Miri in doorway






Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog

Where Is This Artful Waterfall?

Waterfal moving over stone image by Mardan KhanGoogle+ is often the last on my social media check-out-what’s-happening list. Today I found a treasure on Mediha Halce’s post.

Click here for the URL

Have a soothing weekend.







Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

Author of Hada’s Fog

Lisa Sasevich Bootcamp At Paradise Point Resort in San Diego Was Awesome

Lisa Sasevich and me

Lisa Sasevich and me

I’m back from Paradise Point Resort in San Diego where I enjoyed several days at Lisa Sasevich’s Bootcamp. The cold, gray weather didn’t diminish the tropical environment. In the evening I’d walk from the conference building to my cottage, which was between the swimming pool and the ducks’ pond. Shuttles were available, but I like to walk.  The fearless mallard ducks greeted me each morning and followed me for a few paces.

Paradise Island used to be called Vacation Village. It’s a popular place for conferences.  Couples or families also visit to swim, kayak, bicycle around the island, canoe, and participate in other activities.



On the shuttle from the airport to Paradise, I met Jan King from San Antonio, Texas. After putting our luggage in our cottages, we went to dinner at the Barefoot Grill where Jan took this selfie. Since the event included lunch each day, Jan and I had dinner at the Barefoot every night. The shuttle driver corrected me when I called the grill Big Foot. Jan King and Me at dinner first night







Later the first evening, Ed and Satore networked with us. Satore, on my right, is a member of Lisa Sasevich’s Mastermind and answered some of our questions about it.

Ed Satore Jan King and Me





The last night three attendees we hadn’t met yet joined us. Jody Gundersen, next to Jan, is a writer from my home state, Wisconsin. In the bay behind us,  a little shark with a yellow fin, swam close enough to pet which no one did, of course.

Five of us in a row before lunch




The photo below is our last lunch and our last photo, but Jan and I plan to Skype and work together on  Lisa’s five steps for giving a talk. Then we will organize a transformative speaking event in a state midway between Texas and California, maybe Las Vegas. I’ll let you know when that happens so you can join us.

Jan King and Me last day by water at lunch

Hada’s Fog Chapter Nineteen

Hada cover youngThe complete nineteenth chapter of Hada’s Fog is posted. See menu above.








mother and daughter in shadowSamuel’s phone call to Bira causes heightened emotions that makes Hada  remember her mother’s rages and abuse toward her. She knows she has to let go of past fears and help her daughter-in-law and granddaughters.